Suggest a Speaker

Ok, so we’ve changed how things work in this department. There’s no form for suggestions now. But you can get in touch with Gosia, who oversees speaker scouting and research.

Before you do that, think about your Idea Worth Spreading. Don’t know what it could be? Below you’ll find an excerpt from TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking. It is essential to understand where thinking about a TED(x) Talk should start. If you won’t read it, we might not feel obliged to respond to your message.

An idea is anything that can change how people see the world. If you can conjure up a compelling idea in people’s minds, you have done something wondrous. You have given them a gift of incalculable value. In a very real sense, a little piece of you has become part of them.

Do you have ideas that deserve a wider audience? It’s amazing how bad we are at judging an answer to that question. A lot of speakers (often male) appear to love the sound of their own voice and are happy to talk for hours without sharing anything much of value. But there are also many people (often female) who massively underestimate the value of their work, and their learning, and their insights.

If you’ve picked up this book just because you love the idea of strutting the stage and being a TED Talk star, inspiring audiences with your charisma, please, put it down right now. Instead, go and work on something that is worth sharing. Style without substance in awful.

Got it? Got your idea? Great! Email Gosia at