May we introduce ourselves? This is the group of people who bring you the TEDxWarsaw program. Well, actually just a couple of us for now. The rest will join soon.

The Event Experience Team

Marta Wincza – Magician of Chinese language and business culture. Good design and minimalism are totally her things. She really cares about yummy food. Recently in love with graphics and social media management. In TEDx as an Event Experience team member :)

Hugo Dutka
Hugo Dutka – Part of the event experience team, where he manages anything related to volunteers. He oversaw the organization of TEDxYouth@Warsaw 2017. Occasionally a filmmaker, sometimes a developer, mostly a high school student. Really into startups and meeting entrepreneurs. In awe with practical uses of mathematics. Also likes indie pop.

Sylwester Fronczak – Trying to graduate for some time now… IT devotee. Part of Event Experience team in TEDxWarsaw.

Monika Owczarek – Part of Event Experience Team and Simultaneous Interpretation Coordinator at TEDxWarsaw. Part-time English Literature student, part-time amateur graphic designer. Obsessed with stationery, notebooks in particular. Enjoying traveling alone, spending evenings with friends, drinking a lot of green tea, trying to figure things out, looking for experiences. Visited almost all the places from ‘Before Sunrise’ film in Vienna!

Agata Giovanoli-Jakubczak – Management consultant by day, passionate sinologist by… the rest of the day. Agata works in a multinational consulting company, advising the clients on communication, change management and training related issues. She spent a few years in the wonderful city of Shanghai, studying and practicing international business and polishing her Chinese. Being an avid traveler, she enjoys learning about new cultures, exploring new places and meeting new people from all walks of life. As she has recently been discovering the more creative part of her personality, she is currently learning the basics of graphic design, writing poems and playing ukulele.

Iryna Oleksiuk – Tends to follow her curiosity. Supply Chain professional by day. Student of innovation on the weekends. Collector of sugar bags. Aspiring runner. Compulsive reader.

Barbara Kowalewska
– Psychologist, couchsurfer, traveler. She loves meeting new people and discovering their stories, perspectives and motivations. To combine her passion for travelling and cross-cultural psychology she took a year off during her studies to live in Bali where she studied Indonesian language and culture. When she’s not travelling she loves to dance salsa and go to film festivals. Also, she just can’t stop organizing events. Part of the Event Experience Team.

Chryscina Siuchykava – Full-time traveler who also organizes networking events and creative workshops. She encourages people to broaden their horizons and search for new solutions through inituitive work, thinking outside the box and here and now philosophy. Absolutely loves escape rooms, upcycling products, intuitive dance, connecting people and trying out new things. Member of Event Experience Team.

Laura Lhomme – Student of Corporate Finance at The Warsaw School of Economics, also studied at Northeastern Illinois University. Traveler and art lover.

The Partnerships Team

Adam Liwiński – project manager, can teach you a few things about horse riding. Part Project Manager, part Civil Engineering, and a little bit a Philosopher. Interested in economics, education and engineering. Adam is looking after Partnerships and is managing the administrative details of the event. Polish.

Piotr Olesiński – Product Manager at YieldPlanet – a hotel software company. Kayaker, long distance trail runner, casual traveler and usual nonconformist.

Konrad Archiciński – Student of Economics at the University of Warsaw, apart from that interested in philosophy and psychology (or at least pretends to be ;) ). Big, big music lover, aspiring electronic music producer, who still trying to become a musician. Maybe someday you’ll meet him in one of Warsaw Clubs or… in the Philharmonic. Fan of British football. Konrad is a part of Partnerships team.

Ievgen Vietrov – Designer and Art Director with 10 years’ experience in advertising and design. In love with creative people, smart solutions and beautiful things. Introvert, but loves to meet new people.

The Speakers Team

Ralph Talmont
Ralph Talmont – entrepreneur, creativity and innovation consultant, photographer, author, multimedia producer and startup founder. Foodie, bookworm, jazz freak, traveller and technology buff. Compulsive social networker and lover of Italian espresso to excess. Ralph is the TEDx license holder and is co-ordinating speaker selection for the event. Australian / Polish / New Zealander.

Agata Braja (Dziekan) – Experienced UI/UX and information architecture designer, passionate about new technologies, art and the wonderful opportunities while combining both. When she’s not designing or coordinating IT teams, she’s enjoying co-organizing TEDx events or building a local community of technology lovers (Google Developer Groups). Currently based in the Middle East, she explores the fascinating opportunities and challenges of working in a multicultural environment. Polyglot, she has been learning 13 languages so far and Arabic is definitely her new addiction.
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Kamila Roman – IT Project Manager on a daily basis, Sociologist by education. Interested in urban sociology and criminal profiler work. Foodie, non-factual books enthusiast and fan of “spot the difference” games. Kamila is part of Speakers Team, accountable for Scouting & Research.

Aleksandra Dudek – Independent communications consultant. An idea enthusiast who loves to talk with others and help them in various situations, no matter there are substantive issues or logistics matters to be resolved. Likes when technology meets science and people use the innovations for a good cause. Rather an open-minded person focused on useful gadgets, well designed stuff, even better written books (non-fiction mostly) and the human element in every case. Privately cat and youngtimer owner. Ola is part of the Speakers Team responsible for whole process coordination from scouting till trainings.
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Marta Witkowska – Education & Event Manager with 10 years experience in beauty industry. When at work not only totally passionate about the way pepole learn, but also haidressing and makeup geek, with a talent to create inspiring shows and events. When outside of work a happy wife, good food, criminal books and huge cats lover, with unprecedented eagerness to discover more. Marta is a part of Speakers Team responsible for trainings and hospitality.

Aldona Padula – Humanist in data driven entourage. Passionate about market research, working as analyst/consultant for FMCG companies. In love with classic novels and films, keeps an eye out on what is new in culture. Aldona is in the Speakers team.

Anna Cyklińska – Psychology student, focused on Individual Differences, especially Emotional Intelligence topic. Proffesional road tripper and rookie surfer, currently working at Recruitment company. Often travels in search of good food and art galleries. Loves multitasking and having a lot to do. Psychofan of Woody Allen and Pablo Picasso. Member of Speakers Team.

Elena Pawęta – Entrepreneurship researcher, lecturer, public speaking trainer, TEDx organiser for 3 years. Runner, dancer, traveller, reader and a good cook. Russian / Polish.

Gosia Sejdak – Member of Speakers Team, traveller and great fan of volleyball, passionate about startups and innovation, enthusiast of personal development and Gallup strengths.

Kaja Gdowska – Business coach and trainer with experience in HR management. Passionate about life and self-development. Coach in TEDx Speakers Team.

Kasia Rajkiewicz – Manager of EU project in the field of energy. Kasia is mainly focusing on promotion, marketing and communication of those projects, therefore she is a passionate energy saver and ecology promoter. Great curiosity about the world never stops her from traveling and exploring all the hidden spots on earth. If you are looking for someone who will tell you how to survive on the dessert island she is that person. Kasia is addicted to non-fiction books, music and Excel.

Katarzyna Woźniewska-Duma – Communication and PR specialist with many years of experience in variety of areas, i.e.: NGO, energy & engineering sector and logistics. Used to work as a presenter in Złote Przeboje and Radio Plus. Professional business trainer with excellent verbal communication skills. Passionate about public speaking. Spends her free time on jogging, pilates and books.

Łukasz Chorchos – PhD student and research assistant at Warsaw University of Technology in field of telecommunication. Tech geek, book lover and a passionate traveler. Introvert soul with an extravert attitude. Currently trying to learn how to play piano but procrastinating on it as hell. Want to know something about lasers, fibers etc? Just ask him.

Magdalena Fiałkowska – Accredited coach ACC (ICF), trainer, entrepreneur, musician. She graduated SGH and postgraduate coaching studies. Magdalena is a co-owner of the company Mały Geniusz. It is a project regarding innovative children teaching based in 8 cities in the country and – first professional cuddling salon in Poland. After her jazz vocal and classic cello education in music school, she was the first Pole singing and dancing in Cuban musical “Conoce mi Cuba.” As a coach she provides training on performance coaching in Poland, which is directed to all public performers. She is interested in psychographology, surrealistic painting, lindy hop and bachata. She works with speakers and run workshops for them.
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Małgorzata Stelmach – European Funds specialist in the field of research and development with experience in the government administration. Gosia is a dreamer by heart, but keeps her both feet firmly on the ground. If she had a golden fish, she would make the day last at least 48 hours. Traveler, diver and a proud member of the Speakers Team. Responsible for Scounting and Research.

Milena Dzialuk – HR and Employer Branding enthusiast, Resource Projct Manager, Team Leader and Mentor. Hudge fan of people, negotiation, communication and diversity; Life enjoyer, lover of chocolate and street food, books (in particular reportages), art (Andy Warhol, modern art, fashion) and pilates. She spends her free time in educational center as a Volunteer. Member of Speakers Team.

Monika Kaczmarska – A quicksilver. Addicted to doing something all the time. Professionally attorney at law, coping with Intellectual Property rights, trademarks in particular. In her free time a Toastmaster (thus she’s part of the Speakers Team), huuge lover of mountain hiking, member of Klub Zdobywców Korony Gór Polski, and lately scuba diving. She enjoys organizing trips, and what could possibly kill her is an all inclusive tour with 2 weeks on a beach.

Piotr Miłoś – Mathematician, lecturer, scientist. Currently also a researcher in machine learning and artificial inteligence. Trying to understand the world around using strict tools and measures. But not only, in the mean-time trying to dance tango, speak to people and cook (hopefull) good food :)

Rafał Cupiał – Business trainer, experienced speaker. Expert in strategic presentations, revolutionary public speaking and transformative storytelling. Rafał has delivered lectures in top Polish universities. He has also given workshops on advanced communication skills to employees of recognized corporations.

Sylwia Tymińska

Ula Modzelewska – Project manager with degrees in English Studies and Sociology. Ula loves Warsaw and shares her passion about the city during tours as a certified guide. She spends her free time cycling and practising tai chi. Ula is a part of the Speakers team.

Maria Skołożyńska
Maria Skołożyńska – Founder and organiser of a social initiative that provides food for the homeless all over Poland. Passionate about working in humanitarian sector and helping vulnerable people in general. Maria’s biggest hobby is improvised comedy which she’s been learning in Warsaw, London and Chicago. Maria lives in London but she is still TEDxWarsaw’s co-host and part of the Speakers team.

The External Communications Team


Mateusz Załubski – Digital marketing and strategy consultant, passionate about new technologies and media. Profesionally oriented for results and delivery, personally loves to kick back, relax and enjoy a good book or a movie. On his way to visit 100 countries before turning 30. Mateusz is our manager for the External Communications.

Agata Goździk – Head of Online Marketing with 6 years experience in beauty and cosmetics industry. Startup Weekend Warsaw team member. In love with graphic design and beautiful things. She runs a TEDxWarsaw Facebook page and helps with graphic design whenever she can.
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Aleksandra Dębek – Young explorer hoping to be a film industry shark someday, experiencing in social media marketing, in love with traveling, and collecting stories. In TEDxWarsaw as a Photographer.

Krzysztof Tragarz

Natalia Cichoń – Account Manager in Advertising Agency. She is pasionate about traveling and big fan of new technology. Every day she tries to learn one new thing.

The Happy Team Curators


Alina Nosenko – A fun-loving English teacher who has been involved in many youth camps and events. Inspired by art, Baz Luhrmann’s films, fashion and mountain views. Speaks 5 languages plus a little bit of couple more. Part of Happy Team Curation at TEDxWarsaw.

Karolina Sikora – A people enthusiast. Professionally supporting growth of others, in terms of career and personal development. In everyday life exploring new cultures and ideas, enjoying long distance running and winter sports. In TEDxWarsaw Head of Happy Team Curation Team.

Marta Mediavilla – Currently working as an accountant in consulting area. Marta loves to get involved in new projects where she can make a positive impact to the community and exchange ideas. She owns experience in HR and sales area. Passionate about 90’s cinema and Mediterranean cuisine. Marta is member of Happy Team Curator in TEDxWarsaw.

Monika Dziubich – Fashion enthusiast with years of experience in retail. Organized and demanding to perfection. Is in love with Saska Kepa where she lives. Admirers writers Marquez and Ziemianski. Finds inner peace by reading books and spending time with close friends. Part of Happy Team Curation at TEDx Warsaw.


The Registration Team

Alina Adamkowicz – Software Tester and Project Coordinator with 4 years experience in team management.Well known for singing in every time and place and for interest in football. In free time Alina designs interiors. As a TEDxWarsaw member she is responsible for registration process.

Dominika Drąg – Medicine student strongly trying to have a colourful life besides learning. Past EYP and IFMSA activist. Adrenaline and deadline addict. Yoga lover. If she had one wish, the day would last for 48 hours. Happy to be a part of the Registration Team at TEDxWarsaw for the very first time!

Wiktoria Ossowska – Part of Registration Team. Travel enthusiast, tea lover, passionate about unfunny jokes. In the meantime student of economics and management.

Konrad Wąsikiewicz – At regular business hours – a finance guy in complicated relationship with excel spreadsheet. After 5 pm – a social activist supporting development of local communities in multiple initiatives and organizations.

Mat Łagowski
Mateusz (Mat.) Łagowski – Marketing Ninja with 5 years of experience in the field. Specializes in harnessing the power of digital marketing to boost customer engagement in innovative ways. Startup enthusiast and founder of Safe PACZ, very into helping new projects to spread wings. Mat. is head of Registration Team

Website & Newsletter

Artur Piszek – Psychologist, Programmer, Product manager and Tree enthusiast. Semi-nomad fighting from faraway places to democratize publishing. Currently trying to solve fake news problem, alleviate technology addiction, and cross off items from his personal bucketlist. Hopes to milk a cow some day.
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Sylwia Szczypek
Sylwia Szczypek (Szczypa) – Web Developer, Marketing and PR Specialist, and an owner of a Warsaw studio-cafe. Sylwia is a multipotentialist, with skills and interests ranging from the Internet and Print Publishing to Jane Austen and History of Regency England. She loves cats and knows pretty much everything about them. She helps with the monthly newsletter and updates this website. She’s also a TED translator and the TEDxMokotow license holder.
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