May we introduce ourselves? This is the group of people who bring you the TEDxWarsaw program. Well, actually just a couple of us for now. The rest will join soon.

Ralph Talmont
Ralph Talmont – entrepreneur, creativity and innovation consultant, photographer, author, multimedia producer and startup founder. Foodie, bookworm, jazz freak, traveller and technology buff. Compulsive social networker and lover of Italian espresso to excess. Ralph is the TEDx license holder and is co-ordinating speaker selection for the event. Australian / Polish / New Zealander.

Adam Liwiński – project manager, can teach you a few things about horse riding. Part Project Manager, part Civil Engineering, and a little bit a Philosopher. Interested in economics, education and engineering. Adam is looking after Partnerships and is managing the administrative details of the event. Polish.

Ewa Walkiewicz – entrepreneur with two decades of professional experience in Polish media and advertising market. Multipotentialite and academic diplomas collector (Hotel Business, Public Relations, Management and Marketing and Architecture and Interior Design). Real music freak, author of television program 4music, good sounds promoter and intimate gigs host. Ewa is enabling Partnerships.

Bartek Kowalczyk
Bartek Kowalczyk – working for big corporation in Logistic Department (with IT background). Always eager to find new solutions, enthusiast of work and life optimizations. Traveller, interested with investing, a fan of football Premier League and escape games. Solving puzzles is a piece of cake for him. Bartek is working in Speakers Team and seeking for sponsorships for foreign guests.

Justyna Dajnowska
Justyna Dajnowska – Junior Category Manager, fascinated with shopper behaviour and Polish retail market. Bookworm, always eager to learn new things – now it’s time for juggling :) Football fan and contract bridge player. Justyna is gathering funds for speakers’ team.

Marzena Nguyen
Marzena Nguyen – Student, aspiring biomedical engineer and volunteer mathematics tutor. Avid dancer specializing in social Latin dances, enthusiast of RnB / hip- hop music, binge watcher and sushi lover. Interested in human genetics. Above all, hoping to be a fourth wave feminist. Marzena is a member of Speakers Team who works in hospitality, supporting logistics. Vietnamese / Polish.

Sofia Bielova
Sofia Bielova – Student of Management faculty, inspired of innovation in the world . Big fan of dancing, have an experience of tutoring dancing and fitness classes,traveller,who is in love with low-cost journeys, adicted to detective books.

Kinga Skorupska
Kinga Garnette-Skorupska – Kinga is a web designer in training, with a background in languages and education. Now, she is also involved in an educational project integrating design and social studies. In TEDxWarsaw she helped with scouting and hospitality, but she’s the most passionate about her involvement in the TED translators project – so if you’re into subtitling drop her a message.

Mateusz Załubski
Mateusz Załubski – Digital marketing and strategy consultant, passionate about new technologies and media. Profesionally oriented for results and delivery, personally loves to kick back, relax and enjoy a good book or a movie. On his way to visit 100 countries before turning 30. Mateusz is our manager for the External Communications.

Agnieszka Brzozowska
Agnieszka Brzozowska – Marketeer specilized in event management and cross functional brand projects. Jewelry maker, yoga fan, music freak currently explores world of analogue synthesizers. She’s always on the move: going places, doing stuff, being with inspiring people. Aga is a speaker guide.

Hugo Dutka
Hugo Dutka – Part of the event experience team. Occasionally a filmmaker, sometimes a mobile developer, mostly a high school student. Really into building businesses and meeting people who do so. In awe with practical uses of mathematics. Also likes indie pop.

Konrad Wąsikiewicz
Konrad Wąsikiewicz – At regular business hours – a finance guy in complicated relationship with excel spreadsheet. After 5 pm – a social activist supporting development of local communities in multiple initiatives and organizations.

Maria Skołożyńska
Maria Skołożyńska – Media Specialist and spokesperson in NGO that provides humanitarian aid. Creator and owner of a social initiative that provides food for the homeless all over Poland. Journalist, author of a blog and Youtube channel about love, sensitivity, vulnerability and about how fake our social media lives are. An improviser in an Improv Group called Dom Komediowy. A future-vocalist, huge fan of soul and blues and since-always the biggest fan of truth. Maria is co-host of TEDxWarsaw, she is responsible for Community Meetups and she is a part of Speakers Team.

Marta Witkowska
Marta Witkowska – Education & Event Manager with 10 years experience in beauty industry. When at work not only totally passionate about the way pepole learn, but also haidressing and makeup geek, with a talent to create inspiring shows and events. When outside of work a happy wife, good food, criminal books and huge cats lover, with unprecedented eagerness to discover more. Marta is a part of Speakers Team responsible for trainings and hospitality.

Mira Oleszak
Mira Oleszak – Consulting assistant, English teacher and animal shelter volunteer worker. A people person, absolute trampolines & rollerblading buff, and hopeless music addict. Still trying out new things, still curious about what she is going to be when she grows up ;) Mira is a speaker guide and co-organizer of TEDx Community Meetups.

Mat Łagowski
Mateusz Łagowski – Marketing Ninja with 3 years in the field. Specializes in harnessing the power of online marketing to boost customer engagement in innovative ways. Startup enthusiast, helping new projects to spread wings. Mat. is team member of External Communications

Laetitia Magniez
Laetitia Magniez – French expat. Into New Business Ideas and Marketing Innovations. Smart City oriented. Life enjoyer, foodie, cinema and music fan. Letty is part of External Communication team and handling Social Media – English content.

Michał Długosz
Michał Długosz – Marketing manager living in the world of new technologies. A scientifically-minded geek in love with classic rock music, photography reportage and passionate about solutions for modern education. Always happy to chat over a glass of wine. Michał is a part of external communication team, working with media partners to spread the word about TEDxWarsaw.

Ola Dudek
Aleksandra Dudek – Independent communications consultant. An idea enthusiast who loves to talk with others and help them in various situations, no matter there are substantive issues or logistics matters to be resolved. Likes when technology meets science and people use the innovations for a good cause. Rather an open-minded person focused on useful gadgets, well designed stuff, even better written books (non-fiction mostly) and the human element in every case. Privately cat and youngtimer owner. Ola is part of the Speakers Team responsible for whole process coordination from scouting till trainings.

Alex Narko
Aleksey Narko is a Sales geek on the regular basis. Apart from that he is into startups, getting to know new people, reading business books and broadening his horizons through continuous life discovery. At TedxWarsaw he is responsible for bringing creativity and structured approach into action and transferring good vibes into megapixels.

Agata Braja (Dziekan) – Experienced UI/UX and information architecture designer, passionate about new technologies, art and the wonderful opportunities while combining both. When she’s not designing or coordinating IT teams, she’s enjoying co-organizing TEDx events or building a local community of technology lovers (Google Developer Groups). Currently based in the Middle East, she explores the fascinating opportunities and challenges of working in a multicultural environment. Polyglot, she has been learning 13 languages so far and Arabic is definitely her new addiction.
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Kamila Roman – IT Project Manager on a daily basis, Sociologist by education. Interested in urban sociology and criminal profiler work. Foodie, non-factual books enthusiast and fan of “spot the difference” games. Kamila is part of Speakers Team, accountable for Scouting & Research.

Chryscina Siuchykava – Creator, freelancer, traveller who organizes networking events and creative workshops. She encourages people to broaden their horizons and search for new solutions through inituitive work, thinking outside the box and here and now philosophy. Absolutely loves escape rooms, upcycling products, intuitive dance, connecting people and trying out new things. Member of event UX team.

Sylwia Szczypek
Sylwia Szczypek (Szczypa) – Web Developer, Marketing and PR Specialist, and an owner of a Warsaw studio-cafe. Sylwia is a multipotentialist, with skills and interests ranging from the Internet and Print Publishing to Jane Austen and History of Regency England. She loves cats and knows pretty much everything about them. She takes care of the Team during meetups and updates this site.
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A Special Thank You to Our Experts For coaching our Speakers

Róża Cieślińska-Dziekiewicz – Bez skrępowania i żadnych zahamowani mogę wyznać jedno: JESTEM DOBRYM SŁUCHACZEM!

Od najmłodszych lat pilnie uczyłam się w szkołach muzycznych: w klasie fortepianu, klarnetu i śpiewu. Później, jak przystało na antropologa kultury, uczestniczyłam w wielu projektach i warsztatach ( teatralnych, dramowych, pantomimicznych, tanecznych, lektorskich, dubbingowych, wokalnych, z techniki Alexandra) i w końcu obroniłam dyplom z kształcenia głosu i mowy.

Dzięki tym wszystkim doświadczeniom nastroiłam swoje ucho tak, aby wychwycić wszelkie ułomności wymowy i fałsze w przemówieniach, wystąpieniach, czy zagajeniach. Teraz – jako nauczyciel emisji głosu – aktywnie słucham innych i szukam prawdy „w” i „o” ich głosie. Pomagam im również oswoić stres przed wystąpieniem publicznym i odkryć przyjemność jaką daje… MÓWIENIE

Jarek Sacharski – Voice coach, actor and teacher. Member of the British Voice Association, alumnus of MA in Training  Actors (Voice) at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and The Acting Department of Warsaw Academy of Dramatic Arts. He taught voice at the University of West London, Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Warsaw Academy of Dramatic Arts.

His workshops and training courses are very popular among actors, singers, teachers, managers, lawyers, tv and radio presenters, and everyone who works with voice. Jarek’s greatest passion is exploring stage presence and its influence on voice and body.

Apart from teaching voice he works for Anno’s Africa charity in Malawi.

Emilia Zajfert – W zawodzie trenera wykorzystuje i zgłębia swoje największe pasje – towarzyszenie ludziom w zmianie, język i komunikację. Pierwsze doświadczenia zdobywała  w agencji PR gdzie przez pięć lat współtworzyła strategie komunikacyjne dla firm, miast czy wydarzeń kulturalnych. Zajmowała się budowaniem relacji klienta z mediami i otoczeniem poprzez działania w zakresu media relations, organizację eventów, promocję na rynku B2B, a także działania w obszarze CSR. Od 2015 r., współpracuje z Dworczyk Training, gdzie projektuje i prowadzi szkolenia biznesowe z zakresu komunikacji  interpersonalnej, sztuki prezentacji i wystąpień publicznych. Jest trenerem zespołu TEDx Warsaw oraz  zajmuje się przygotowywaniem mówców TEDx Warsaw.

Paweł Tkaczyk – jak sam twierdzi – zarabia na życie opowiadaniem historii. Buduje silne marki – pracuje z Agorą, Grupą Allegro, wieloma mniejszymi firmami. Doradza startupom i innym przedsiębiorstwom – jako mentor np. podczas Startup Weekend czy Startup Fest. Dzieli się wiedzą – piszę blog o budowaniu marki, popełnił dwie książki: „Zakamarki marki” i „Grywalizacja”, prowadzi szkolenia z marketingu, brandingu, social media… Kocha literki niemal w każdej – poza Comic Sans – formie.