And it’s over for another year

From subatomic physics to caring for the homeless, and from tracking down wild mink to exploring the future of mobile technology, our speakers managed to poke the comfort zone in more ways than we had hoped for and, of course, our brilliant performers managed to again touch the hearts of the audience.

Our live stream viewership climbed to three thousand concurrent viewers and stayed there, with the total online audience hitting over forty-two thousand. They tuned in from some fifty countries – from the exotic (Kazakhstan, Maldives, Qatar and Bangladesh) to pretty much every European country, the Americas and Down Under.

TEDx has just turned four and the total number of events worldwide is rapidly heading towards seven thousand and TEDx Talks (as opposed to TED Talks) have been viewed over eighty million times online. We were therefore particularly pleased to host TEDx organisers from all around Poland and the general neighbourhood and glad to see that Ideas Worth Spreading are indeed spreading at an increasing pace.

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