We’ll see you this Thursday

Spray can-wielding Danes and Tango dancers, inventors and technologists, photographers and educators: our Fifth Anniversary edition is shaping up nicely and we can’t wait to open the doors at Multikino on Thursday.
This is our biggest gathering yet and we will be welcoming some 1000+ guests from all around Poland and many neighbouring (and not necessarily neighbouring) countries. Our speakers and artists will include Tomasz Tomaszewski (Poland’s most accomplished photojournalist), Erica Hargreave (Canadian blogger and educator), Yuri Drabent (social media maven), Olek (The Artists Who Who Crochets Everything), physicist Lech Mankiewicz and traditional storyteller Jan Blake.

In a World where Otherness is a quality we all all face in some way every day, the need is great for discussion about issues of understanding, co-operation and willingness to accept our differences, if we are to have any hope of a better future for us all. We hope, the inspiration sparked off by our speakers and fueled by the connections you make at the conference will start off some of those discussions.

Thanks to the help of our many sponsors and partners, we are able to bring you a memorable event. We are very grateful to them all for their enthusiasm and staunch support.