Extended Family

There are many great folks who have made past TEDxWarsaw events possible. They’re no longer active Team Members but they will forever remain a part of our Extended Family. Thank you, Guys!

Ewa Walkiewicz – entrepreneur with two decades of professional experience in Polish media and advertising market. Multipotentialite and academic diplomas collector (Hotel Business, Public Relations, Management and Marketing and Architecture and Interior Design). Real music freak, author of television program 4music, good sounds promoter and intimate gigs host. Ewa is enabling Partnerships.

Kinga Skorupska
Kinga Garnette-Skorupska – Kinga is a web designer in training, with a background in languages and education. Now, she is also involved in an educational project integrating design and social studies. In TEDxWarsaw she helped with scouting and hospitality, but she’s the most passionate about her involvement in the TED translators project – so if you’re into subtitling drop her a message.

Bartek Kowalczyk
Bartek Kowalczyk – working for big corporation in Logistic Department (with IT background). Always eager to find new solutions, enthusiast of work and life optimizations. Traveller, interested with investing, a fan of football Premier League and escape games. Solving puzzles is a piece of cake for him. Bartek is working in Speakers Team and seeking for sponsorships for foreign guests.

Justyna Dajnowska
Justyna Dajnowska – Junior Category Manager, fascinated with shopper behaviour and Polish retail market. Bookworm, always eager to learn new things – now it’s time for juggling :) Football fan and contract bridge player. Justyna is gathering funds for speakers’ team.

Marzena Nguyen
Marzena Nguyen – Student, aspiring biomedical engineer and volunteer mathematics tutor. Avid dancer specializing in social Latin dances, enthusiast of RnB / hip- hop music, binge watcher and sushi lover. Interested in human genetics. Above all, hoping to be a fourth wave feminist. Marzena is a member of Speakers Team who works in hospitality, supporting logistics. Vietnamese / Polish.

Sofia Bielova
Sofia Bielova – Student of Management faculty, inspired of innovation in the world . Big fan of dancing, have an experience of tutoring dancing and fitness classes,traveller,who is in love with low-cost journeys, adicted to detective books.

Agnieszka Brzozowska
Agnieszka Brzozowska – Marketeer specilized in event management and cross functional brand projects. Jewelry maker, yoga fan, music freak currently explores world of analogue synthesizers. She’s always on the move: going places, doing stuff, being with inspiring people. Aga is a speaker guide.

Mira Oleszak
Mira Oleszak – Consulting assistant, English teacher and animal shelter volunteer worker. A people person, absolute trampolines & rollerblading buff, and hopeless music addict. Still trying out new things, still curious about what she is going to be when she grows up ;) Mira is a speaker guide and co-organizer of TEDx Community Meetups.

Laetitia Magniez
Laetitia Magniez – French expat. Into New Business Ideas and Marketing Innovations. Smart City oriented. Life enjoyer, foodie, cinema and music fan. Letty is part of External Communication team and handling Social Media – English content.

Michał Długosz
Michał Długosz – Marketing manager living in the world of new technologies. A scientifically-minded geek in love with classic rock music, photography reportage and passionate about solutions for modern education. Always happy to chat over a glass of wine. Michał is a part of external communication team, working with media partners to spread the word about TEDxWarsaw.

Alex Narko
Aleksey Narko is a Sales geek on the regular basis. Apart from that he is into startups, getting to know new people, reading business books and broadening his horizons through continuous life discovery. At TedxWarsaw he is responsible for bringing creativity and structured approach into action and transferring good vibes into megapixels.

Małgorzata Minta – journalist writing about new technology and science. Interested in everything that is, well, interesting: from new gadgets and space travels to… good food and travels. Has watched “Star Wars” too many times, owns too many books and too small a dog. Małgorzata is looking after media relations for the event. Polish.
blog | @amitace

Julian Kozankiewicz – entrepreneur, currently COO of COMP Centre for Innovation, an entity within the COMP SA group responsible for business development. In 2004 he co-founded Mediacap SA and served as its CEO until 2010. Since then, focused on technology sector. Always finds time for new, exciting initiatives and is involved in many social and cultural projects including The Kings Foundation and Mediatory. Julian is looking after sponsorship opportunities. Polish.

Łukasz Alwast – Researcher & entrepreneur. Currently based in London, working at a technology and innovation centre focused on ‘future cities’ and ‘urban innovation’. Enthusiast of innovation economics, technology policy and socio-cultural anthropology. Enjoys activities that combine art, design and science. Polish.
profile | @lukaszalwast

Maciej Michalski – founding member of the TEDxWarsaw Team. Associate Product Manager at Google and co-founder at The Kings Foundation. Member of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community. Polish.
profile | @maciejmichalski

Olga Kulesza – activist of various NGOs, specialised in human resources and project management. Devoted to the field of people development, works also as a trainer and a coach. Dreams about making a difference to the Polish educational system by redefining the role of school as a place which enables young people to discover and develop their true potential. In her free time is a dance maniac and a traveller. Polish.
profile | @olgakulesza

Mateusz Nowak – a social activist and a finance guy who always looks for inspiration and people to learn from. Born in the Northern Tri-City, holds double degree from Warsaw School of Economics and is a strategy consultant by trade. Passionate about aquatic sports, Oxford debates, travel, dogs and social entrepreneurship. TEDxWarsaw community and partnership builder, past TEDxGdynia organiser and TEDxWarsawPresidentialPalce curator and licencee. Polish.
profile | @matuesz

Milada Krajewska – educator indulging her passion for learning from students for 15 years. Channels creative energy into training, designing and editing resources for learners of English. Inspired by ordinary people, stories and change. Fascinated by images, humour, nature and not-so-random acts of kindness. Milada is a member of the speaker team. Polish.
profile | @miladakrajewska

Wojciech Jeżowski – producer, director and an all-round creatively loony person. Co-owner and Creative Director of Black Rabbit production company. Has a degree in Social Psychology. A great admirer of pop culture, especially sci-fi. Spends way too much time browsing Reddit and 4chan. Has a pair of guinea pigs. Wants to send a ballon with a camera into Earth’s low orbit. Polish.

Olivia Heringa – neuropsychologist, finished her Master’s in the Netherlands and came straight to Poland to do a PhD and to study psychotherapy. Loves cultures, languages, travelling, learning, history, and of course, helping people. The most multilingual of our multilingual team, Olivia is responsible for looking after our international guests.

Phil Goss – communicator, editor, strategist, scuba diver, actor and voice artist; vice-president at Perła Browary Lubelskie S.A.; armchair historian specializing in the Eastern Front of World War I; holds a BA in political science and speech rhetoric and an MBA in international business. American.
profile / @PhilGoss

Neil Milton – composer, songwriter, musician in Warsaw’s The Frozen North and owner and manager of indie record label too many fireworks. Occasional writer, blogger, DJ and obsessive football fan. Neil loves Vox AC30 amps, Fender guitars, the books of Iain Banks and Alasdair Gray, post-rock and indie music. And the Scottish Highlands. Neil is the director of our after-party events. Scottish.
blog / @NeilSMilton

Patryk Porębski – entrepreneur and by all means doer. Passionate about new technologies, design, philosophy, psychology, law and politics. Running a technology company based in Poland and a company operating on logistics market based in Ireland. Founder of an organization supporting consumers’ class action lawsuits in Poland. Constantly seeking new experiences, with strong belief that all of them – those good and even bad ones – enrich people’s lives. Polish.

Klaudia Domżał

Karolina Szostek – communication strategist & marketing specialist with broad experience at work with global commercial clients as well as locally based start up’s. Privately passionate of travelling, kitesurfing & good music.

Kacper Porembski – Filmmaker and adventurer. Working in a digital marketing agency. Ex-firefighter, brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor, classical literature lover. Working on different kind of stories from digital marketing videos to feature films. When not on the set he’s probably somewhere in the wild, looking for adventures.