Looking for a form?
No, no, not that fast.

Applying for an admission will take you at least a couple of minutes – and up to half an hour if you’re the type of person with high chances to be invited – so make sure you have the time and strap in for a ride.

Yeah, we told you.
This is a DARE already.

You might be thinking
Is this a joke?
No, it’s not, we take it very seriously.
Do I REALLY have to read all those 10 000 characters (how many?!) before I apply?
Yes, you do. We hope you’ll enjoy them.
Are you making me convince you I am worthy of allowing me to spend some 200pln for a ticket to your event?
Well, that’s one perspective. Another one would be this: we’re making you a more invested stakeholder of the event.
You arrogant pricks.
Aww, thank you!

First, a few words on the process, the event, hell, even us – organizers. No worries, we’ll get back to you.

Once you have read all that, you can apply knowing full well what it is you want to be a part of.

Spoiler alert – if you’d never ever walked around in flip-flops in a public place, this might not be your jam.

So first you apply.

Then, the audience is chosen.

Big news, right?

We’ve always chosen our audience from all applicants. Not who’s first. Who best fits our idea of a diverse audience. Approximately one out of three got to experience the event.

Would we love to invite everyone? Maybe. Reality is this: there’s space for five hundred participants. Five hundred hand-picked participants. A size which can still feel like a community, not a crowd. Crucially important point.

TEDxWarsaw is not an industry conference.

It’s not even a conference.

Wait, what?

Yep. Not a conference. It is an event.

By definition, our speakers come from all walks of life. Young and old, freelance and corporate, doers and theoreticians. And pretty much everything in-between. A small scale society. So is our audience.

Here’s this year’s twist: applicants themselves will have a say in who gets in. A rather substantial say.

Some events let the audience choose at least a part of their speakers, so you might be familiar with this process.

This time, you’ll be choosing your fellow audience members, though. And they will – or won’t – be choosing you. Yeah, we were equally baffled by this idea at first. And then we understood how defining an element it might actually be.

Anyway, you get an invitation. Or not.

To confirm your interest in participation you will be asked to buy a ticket for some 200 PLN.

Nice and round.

Believe it or not, that’s a first for us as well. Most TEDx events of this scale charged from the inception. We do this only now, for our 10th yearly edition.

Why? To deliver an extraordinary experience, of course. One of the most down to earth reasons is this year’s venue. It poses a significant challenge – no nearby place to quickly serve food for half a thousand people. Hence, catering. And if you’ve ever organized any catering, you know all too well that catering-lunch doesn’t exactly cost 20pln. Naturally, with those funds we’ll also be able to create a much deeper experience.

We – the Team. A shocker to some, we are volunteers. And we spend quite a lot of time on preparations. Most of it is spent with speakers.

Surprisingly after so many years, this is news as well – we work with speakers.

Hank, you get 12 minutes on stage.

Stacey – 14 for you.

Do your best!

No. It doesn’t work like that. Talks are a result of collaboration between speakers, our guides, and coaches. Approximately 40 hours per speaker are invested.

Talks are what most people mention when they’re asked about TED.

Oh, yes, I’ve seen them online! Pretty much everyone has.

Only a tiny fraction has actually been to TED. No wonder, given the 10’000USD price tag. Freaking ten thousand US dollars. Really. You could buy a car for the price of the ticket (especially after adding flights and hotel).

Maybe someone pays that to see live what will be available online for free in a couple of weeks. It’s safe to assume that’s not the primary objective, though.

If you’ve never been to TED or a good TEDx event, that’s the plot twist. It’s really not about what happens on stage. It’s about the experience.

Significant part of that experience is mingling with other participants. Having conversations with people you pass on the streets but never even think to talk with, finding out about different viewpoints and understanding that they actually might have a point, taking part in activities which seem super dumb at first, but make you feel a part of something bigger, something meaningful.

It’s true for TED – the big event currently happening annually in Vancouver. It should also be true for TEDx events – independently organized events which share some basic elements of the format with TED and have to follow licence rules, but apart from that local teams with no formal ties with the HQ have full responsibility for what happens. And it just might happen you’ll contribute to our work.

In short, keep this in mind: you are the star of the show. Now show us how bright you can shine.


Can you use chopsticks?



If we would like to send you a letter, what address should it reach?

Yes, yes, bear with us.
This is about TEDxWarsaw.


Ok, this is important. Really important.
Take your time. Tell a little about yourself, share a story which will help us understand you.

Focus rather on what you bring to the table than what you’d like to take. Don’t share here any details which you would NOT want to be displayed publicly.



I can speak in:


I’ve been to TEDxWarsaw in


Is there anything you’re particularly proud of and would like to share with us?
No pressure, but if there is,





If you have received one from the organizers. If you haven’t leave this field empty.


Almost there!

In a couple days you’ll have an opportunity to vote on who should get an invitation to participate in edition 2019 of TEDxWarsaw. While everyone may have their own criteria, we ask to consider the following: after reading, do I feel that I want to talk with this person?

This is actually how we – TEDxWarsaw Team – did it for almost a decade now. Outcome was mostly positive, judging by the atmosphere not just during the event but late at afterparty as well. Now this responsibility will be in your hands.


Obviously, others will vote on you. Not for an elected office, so no names. This is what they will base their decisions on

Industry: creative

Position: art director

Why should I get an invitation?
Inspiration, inspiration and one more time inspiration

So, would you invite yourself?