Have an idea to share?

TEDxWarsaw isn't a typical conference

The TEDx audience has high expectations of the speakers. Our speaker liaison team works with speakers well in advance of the conference to help shape a presentation that will succeed on the TEDx stage.

If you have an idea or know someone with an idea that belongs on the TEDx stage, we want to hear from you.

Please fill out the form below to make your suggestion for a future TEDx event and send us a short essay with a rough draft of your idea (approx 250-300 words).

A video of the speaker presenting the idea (approx 5 min).

We reserve the right to not review nominations and/or submissions unless there is a teaser video accompanying your written draft.

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How does it work?

volunteer or submit a candidate
our team evaluates your submission (topic, means of presentation, idea)
decision is made
you get an invite to work on your talk
you participate in an introductory workshop + selected additional training
one-on-one meetings with an assigned guide
you do several rehearsals
eventually you come in for the final rehearsal
you get to present on the stage!