Anna Jakubowski

Identity and judgment in the 21st century

TEDxWarsaw 2018 Men & Women

20 min watch

Ania Jakubowski is a business leader who believes that “what” you achieve is important, “how” you achieve it makes all the difference. Working as a Senior Executive, Ania relates her daily leadership practices to the areas of speaking, training, consulting and mentoring to bring fresh perspective, reflection and inspiration to encourage a more human approach to leadership and a more sustainable approach to how organizations deliver their bottom line.

For better or worse, what we do has become who we are. As humans we are wired to think in categories. When we categorize each other by what we ‘do', we shape how we think of each other. Titles we use are not descriptions of who we are, it is a ‘judgement’ of who we are. Identity and judgment are two sides of the same coin.