Anthony Barba

Las Vegas, the mafia & the future of mobility

TEDxWarsaw 2018 Men & Women

9 min watch

As Pumpkin's co-founder and CEO, Anthony Barba is unifying local taxi fleets and TNCs into an open platform so everyone can seamlessly integrate on-demand mobility into their product, service or marketing. Anthony started obsessing about Mobility as Marketing while having dinner at an empty restaurant. He started thinking of new ways to fill seats. He is also the Editor and Host of, a Newsletter and Podcast exploring the ideas, people and business of moving people.

From the mafia luring people into the desert (or what then become Las Vegas) to online shopping. What is the link? Mobility. This is the story about Warren Bayley who found a way to compete against the mob. In 1961, he made Vegas more accessible to more people thanks to free flights. He updated the business model from entertainment to mobility and literally carried people directly to his casino. That changed the way businesses thought about mobility and helped to realize that mobility improves customer experience. Today we get the free shipping when shopping online. In 2025, we are going to get a free ride to a shop or a restaurant. Businesses will give us a choice to have an experience in a real world or to stay in. Real world will become as accessible as digital thanks to free mobility.