Ewa Błaszczak

Let's put an end to sarcasm

TEDxWarsaw 2018 Men & Women

17 min watch

Ewa Błaszczak, power speaker, author, innovator, agile management expert, business/personal change manager, team whisperer, business trainer, mentor for leaders and teams. She believes in the power of purpose and in the essential role of quality relationships with self and others. She is on a mission to eliminate sarcasm from our lives. Ewa loves to keep things simple and to-the-point. A real fan of C.G. Jung and David Kelley. She dreams about joining Sheryl Sandberg in her struggle to empower women as leaders. Author of „Colors - User Guide to Human Interactions” and co-author of the book "the Engaging Leader. Engage or else you will have to motivate".

SARCASM - this vicious toxin causes divorces, kills teams, erodes your immune system, and drains you of energy. Find out how sarcasm operates and get simple tools to manage it once and for all.