23 March 2017, Warsaw
There was a time when solving a problem could be attended to at a pace which allowed for considered response and a degree of comfort.
Over the last decade, or so, that pace has quickened to a point where the same considered response is no longer possible and there is no comfort since the number of issues our civilization needs to deal with simultaneously has grown rapidly. Not only has there been an increase in the number of issues but their magnitude has also grown. Strategists, scientists, politicians, pundits and ordinary intelligent observers are now talking about “wicked problems”. Climate change, health care issues, income disparity, inadequate education, changing labour markets, a rise of populism, growing technological exclusion – all of these and more are facing us at the same time and our decisive action is needed o solve not a few, but most of those. We may be living in the best period ever, and we may indeed progress from this to a society based on positive values and one which can be generally considered an improvement on what we have. Or, we can rapidly descend into something very negative. Now is the time to decide. Crunchtime.
Multikino, Złote Tarasy,



Mohini Dance Group

Adam Wiśniewski

Agata Stafiej-Bartosik

Andrzej Kruczyński

Asia Pyrek

Edi Pyrek

Jakub Kreft

Małgorzata Cholewa

Marcin Sadowski

Marta Bradshaw

Olga Kozierowska

Oskar Skibski

Paweł Gora

Priya Prakash

Przemysław Modrzewski

Resina (Karolina Rec)

Resina (Karolina Rec)

Zbyszek Pawlak

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