31 March 2016, Warsaw
Change is permanent and inevitable. Sometimes things change slowly. More often than not, they change in a heartbeat.
A choice is made. A direction is chosen. A phone call is returned. Or not. Is it about tiny, seemingly insignificant yet powerful and life-changing moments? Is it about our civilisation changing, and we're not even noticing it? Or is it about affairs of the heart? Passion? Health? Rhythm? All of the above? Let's find out.a
Polin, Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich,


Agnieszka Teodorowska

Niskie Ciśnienie

Shivers & Shakes

Aleksandra Przegalińska

Aleksandra Zaprutko-Janicka

Anna Wysocka

Bogusz Parzyszek

Dariusz Rosiak

Ewa Jarczewska-Gerc

James Briscione

Josh Savage

Kamil Baj

Kamil Kulesza

Maciej Sopyło

Magdalena Fikus

Szymon Drobniak

Paweł Potoroczyn

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