10 June 2021, Warsaw
Are we really that polarized? That DIFFERENT and disconnected?
We’re like fire and water, like the Celtics and the Lakers, like Thor and Loki, Microsoft and Apple, or like Swiss cheese and cottage cheese. There is a gulf between us, which we are often trying to fill in with hate, sticks, and stones. Are we really that polarized? That DIFFERENT and disconnected? This is the topic we will explore on June 10th in Warsaw. Come and show us WHAT IT MEANS TO BE YOU in a divided world. Try to learn with us how to listen so that we can be heard and how to speak so that we can be understood. Help us connect what is seemingly distant.
To be announced,



Małgorzata Bonikowska

Maciej Gośniewski (Gąsiu)

Anna Wróblewska

Jacek Ambrosiewicz

Przemek Gawroński

Marianna Kłosińska

Maciej Sawicki

Joanna Ławicka

Kacper Łukawski

Zofia Kierner

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